Jan 4, 2014


  Winter is a complicated season. And if you live in Canada, the frustration of going onto month #4 of snow and blizzards can be a little disheartening. Living in Ontario, you learn that the weather can fluctuate (some days it's tundra, other days everything is melting and you along with it). But the clothes…winter clothes are my favourite. And perhaps it being because I do live in a colder climate having to do with this, I still like to think that being able to work with MORE makes it a fun season to dress for. 

  Thankfully, my photographer friend Sonia over at Natashya Photo knows how to make me look killer, even when I am freezing my ass off (don't be fooled, that jacket wasn't necessarily cut out for the weather we had this week). Here are some shots from today!

This is what a Canadian backyard in the dead of winter looks like by the way. Dead and cold. Like my heart (just kidding!!!) 

* Vintage Hat by Rage Market, Top by Nasty Gal, Jacket and Skirt by H&M, Shoes by Zara

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