Jan 2, 2014


 I think my obsession with white shoes definitely started in England, when I was over there this past summer. English street style is really forward, and they really don't give a shit if you do or don't like what they are wearing. They are English for Christ sakes…they do what they want. I bought a pair of canvas heeled lace up shoes at a shop called Office in Oxford. It's hilarious because I distinctly remember having shoes very similar to them when I was like 13, and hating them. If I could go back in time, I would kick my 13 year old self. Hard. 

 Those sentiments changed when I was in England though. The defined tread heel and perfect shade of white had me. I practically danced out of the shop. I felt like I was on an Alexa Chung level of fashion cool. Life has never been the same. I have boughten two other pairs of white lovelies since. And I want MORE. I honestly can say, reverting back to my usual black footwear just hasn't been the same. There is something about crisp white footwear that does it for me. 

The white shoes in question - English girls would be proud (Don't mind my bruised ankles. I can thank the streets of London, England for those)
Here are some other white treasures:

via Nasty Gal
via Timberland
via Unif Clothing
via Nasty Gal
 Jeffrey Campbell
via Acne Studios
via Tumblr
Alexander Wang S/S 14'
I would give my left arm for the Alexander Wang S/S 14' platforms. 

Alexander Wang S/S 14'
Like seriously…a limb. Just one. Swooooon.  

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