Jan 3, 2014


  To be honest, Spring is the one season that I always kind of struggle to dress for. Because I live in the Antarctic Tundra a.k.a Canada, you get pretty used to layering and trying to stay warm. You say snow day, I say sweater party. So whenever Spring rolls around, I kind of panic: I love the idea of all the goddamn snow melting, but how the hell am I supposed to dress for it? And for goodness sake's, shaving has to become somewhat of a necessity again?! On top of it, my already really pasty white legs…are glow sticks with no tights and a skirt. It's just a bundle of confusion. 

I followed the fashion weeks for S/S14' really closely this year though, and it kind of helped to get me pumped for all the pastel and floral and sheer happiness that is Spring. I think that maybe JUST MAYBE…this time around I may know what I am doing. Here are a few trends that I really dug, and that you will probably see in the upcoming launch of the Rage Market Spring line that I am in the midst of designing. I know S/S14' happened well over a month ago, but since this blog is new, let's recap. Spring is going to go a little like this:

 Nothing says Spring fever like some good ol' floral. This whole collage makes me want to stick some daisy's in my hair right NOW.

  Lilac is a color I saw a lot this time around on the run way. It was mixed with a many other light components, to give off a airy, super feminine look. Throw in some 90's neck lines (I totally have a black Fairweather top that my aunt gave me that she used to wear in the 90's that mirrors this)and you have my new fave trend. Pastel choices this time around were lilac's, baby pinks (think Charlotte Free's hair) and washed out blues. 

  BRAND PRINTS were HUGE this year. The interesting thing about this trend is that a lot of the designers that went for this don't usually do graphic branding on a lot of their pieces (with the exception of DKNY who does this quite frequently). Alexander Wang did an amazing job of doing this. Despite the repetitiveness of the print, it was subtle and still classic AW. 

  The bra-let (or anything cropped in the top department in general) was another trend that I spotted. Now, though this isn't for everyone, I do like how a lot of designers opted to pair this with something high waisted, to sort of elevate the over exposure of the midriff. Because let's face it, we don't all have the middle of a model (though god bless those of us who do, because lord knows I never will).

And the rest of them:


*Photos by via Harper's Bazaar. 

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